Working with wire

Here you will find many useful tips, tricks, and tutorials for working with wire.

Ways you can work with wire include chainmaille and wire wrapping, as well as making s-hooks, ear wires, and other fasteners and findings

Wire basics

Wire actually comes in a variety of shapes - round, half round, square, but for our purposes at PCHS, we use round wire.

All wire is classified by gauge - which refers to the thickness of the wire. The larger the number, the thinner the wire; the smaller the number the thinner the wire.

The wire use in our studio ranges from 28 gauge - very thin and flexible, all the way up to 6 gauge, very thick and not malleable at all unless properly annealed.

Wire can be cut with many different types of tools, but for the cleanest cut, you will want to set up your work space, including your c-clamp and bench pin, and cut your wire with your jeweler's saw, making sure to hold it at a 45 degree angle!