Welcome to Jewelry

What an exciting semester we have ahead of us here at Portage Central High School!

In our jewelry studio we will be exploring a variety of jewelry making skills and techniques. From cutting sheet metal to soldering to enameling, you have the opportunity to explore it all!

The first six weeks will be spent exploring the different skills, techniques, tools, and materials available to you. You will be able to explore basic concepts as well as advanced techniques - what you learn is entirely up to you. Evidence of understanding of techniques and skills will be documented in Google Forms.

After you have acquired new skills, and possibly enhanced and improved up some that you already possess, you design, create, and reflect on your own unique works of art. You will be working in two week sprints for each choice unit, culminating with a 3 piece collection at the end of the semester.

For more information, check out the syllabus below.

Spring 2018-19 Syllabus

Available to download and print at your convenience

Check out samples of past student's work below. All work was made by students in the PNHS/PCHS Jewelry Studios

Jewelry Student Samples
Jewelry Spring 2018-19.pdf