Mr. Meyers has put together the following library of chemistry tutorial videos. Roughly half of the videos are on Mr. Meyers' YouTube channel and the rest are vetted by Mr. Meyers after lots of viewing. Another useful video source is Brightstorm. You can find them on YouTube or here. If there is a chemistry topic you'd like Mr. Meyers to record a video for, please let him know.

Chemistry 2/Honors Chemistry 2

Unit 1: Introduction & Stoichiometry

Balancing Chemical Equations

Average Atomic Mass & Molar Mass

Molar Conversions (mol to particles)

Molar Mass Conversions (g to mol)

Molar Conversions (g to particles)

Stoichiometry (mol to mol)

Stoichiometry (g to g)

Theoretical and Percent Yield

Limiting Reactants

Limiting/Excess Reactants (better, 9/17)

Percent Composition

Empirical and Molecular Formulas

Unit 2: Solutions

History of Gatorade

What is a solution?

What happens when stuff dissolves?

Dissociation of salt

How to make a Solubility Curve in Google Sheets

Concentration: % (m/V) and % (m/m)

Concentration: Molarity

Graphing Concentration vs Absorbance in Google Sheets

Titration Lab Demonstration Video

Unit 3: Equilibrium

Equilibrium Introduction

Equilibrium Constant

Le Chatelier's Principle

LeChatelier's Principle (4-23-18)

Le Chatelier's Practice Video KEY

Unit 4: Acids & Bases

What is pH; How to Calculate pH (3 examples) - Socratica

Acids, Bases, and pH

Strong v. Weak Acids and Bases

Calculating the pH of Acids Tutorial

Calculating pH, pOH, [H+], [H3O+], [OH-]

C2: pH and Conjugate Pairs Discussion 11/13/17

H2: pH and Conjugate Pairs Discussion 11/13/17

C2: Strength vs Concentration 11/14/17

H2: Strong vs. Weak Acids; Ka Calculations 11/14/17

Weak Acid Equilibrium Calculation

C2: Salt Hydrolysis 11/15/17

H2: Ka, Kb, Neutralization 11/15/17

C2: Buffers 11/17/17

H2: Buffers, Titration Curves, Potentiometric Titration 11/20/17

Unit 5: Energetics

Standard Enthalpy of Formation


Entropy 12/08/17

Unit 6: Kinetics & Gas Laws

Unit 7: Oxidation & Reduction (Electrochemistry)

Calculating Oxidation Numbers

Organic Chemistry

Lab Materials

Vacuum Filtration

Unit 1: Review & Background

Resonance Lecture #1

Resonance Lecture #2

Resonance Examples 2-24-17

Unit 2: Nomenclature

Unit 3: Physical Properties

Unit 4: Isomers & Stereochemistry