Performance & Development Review

"The University of Portsmouth is committed to supporting and developing our people to deliver excellence with commitment and passion.”

The Performance and Development Review (PDR) process aims to help you reflect on how you can achieve your own performance excellence. To support this aim, the university has procured and developed a new PDR system to facilitate the PDR process.

The PDR Process will help you to :

  • Understand what is expected of you in your role
  • Reflect on what you already do really well and where improvements can be made
  • Discuss and review your achievements, progress and contribution, and
  • Plan your development and career goals.

PDR is an ongoing process, not a one –off event. It is a continuous cycle that links the University and local strategic aims to your team objectives and your own individual objectives with a focus on your performance, contribution and career aspirations. The key principle in ensuring you have a meaningful PDR is the quality of the conversation. Professional, honest and open conversations enable us to celebrate successes and provide the right support and development for you.

Why are we piloting a new PDR?

"The aim is to ensure all staff have a meaningful PDR that includes objectives that align to the University Strategy and behaviours that link to the University values and the attributes of the Portsmouth Hallmark in the People Strategy. Development needs will be identified along with longer-term career goals, supported by a career development framework"

Peter Brook, Director of Human Resources

The PDR Pilot


The pilot will run between 2nd October 2017 and 31st March 2018. Staff taking part in the pilot will be asked to complete their annual review within the pilot period and share feedback on their experience to help inform potential improvements.The system will be rolled-out to all staff in the summer of 2018.

If you are a participant in the pilot you will be sent an e mail with your log-in details. You can follow the link in the email or alternatively click the launch button in the above section.

The Process

When you access the system you will have been allocated a review form and a Reviewer, if this is not the case contact the PDR team using the contact details below.

The diagram below depicts a simplified overview of the process, more detailed guidance on the system and associated processes can be found here

After you have finalised your PDR form you will receive an email link to the PDR Pilot feedback form . Your opinion is valued and will help us improve the system for future users

Who is participating in the Pilot?

  • Department of Sports & Exercise Science
  • Department of Geography
  • Department for Curriculum and Quality Enhancement
  • Faculty of Creative and Cultural Industries (Support Staff)
  • School of Pharmacy and Biomedical Sciences (Researchers)
  • Service Delivery Team (IS)
  • School of Computing (Researchers)
  • School of Education & Childhood Studies
  • Faculty of Business and Law (Faculty Office)

The PDR Team can be contacted by email at