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to support your students

to support your students

How AST are supporting your courses

Faculty Academic Skills Tutors (AST)

The BaL Academic Skills Tutors provide targeted support for the faculty’s students and academic teams. (This separates us from the university’s ASK service which provides general services, in particular through the GradSchool.) 

Our aim is to improve student outcomes and the student experience through the development of the scholarship, study and academic skills of BaL’s student groups and facilitating BaL’s academic teams' assessment and teaching practices. Our provision is developed alongside the BaL academic teams to ensure a bespoke Business or Law informed approach to our teaching.  

Our tutors:

Claire Burrell - Tutor for L4 students and Team Leader

Michelle Kane - Tutor for L5 students

Lynn Lansbury - Tutor for L6 students

Karen Findon - Tutor for DA/DL/Top Up and Part-Time courses

Helen Frost - Senior Tutor for Postgraduate students

Deborah Hicks-Clarke - Tutor for Postgraduate students 

Janet Hillier - Tutor for Postgraduate students

How we provide academic skills development:

Office location: RB 1.02



Information block provided on every BaL Moodle Page 

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