Mrs. Valdiserri's First Grade, Room 1-1

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This Week's Wrap Up: Let's talk...

1. Show me how you chop these words with your choppers. shop, black, flip, clap, chick

2. Can you count by twos to one hundred?

3. Tell me about Mrs. Pernisi's lesson on KINDNESS.

4. What is the related addition fact to 8-2=6? 7-3=4 6-1=5

5. What was your favorite "Jan Brett" book? Tell me about it.

Specials Classes

Mondays - Art

Tuesday - Music

Wednesdays - STEM

Thursdays - Library

Fridays - Gym - On days we have mass the children must wear their school uniform with sneakers.

Baptism in our classroom

First Day for First Grade

Halloween Fun!


We had so much fun at Cherry Crest Farm!

A first grader's map of our classroom (1-1)

Small Reading Groups

Centers are Fun!