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March Madness

Sweet 16 Play until Friday

3. Gabby 35. Anya

7. Sophia 39. Kaitlyn

12. George 42. Kevin

16. Colm 45. Gabe

17. Riley F. 52. Luke

24. Aidan 54. Makayla

26. Gregory 60 Lauren F

31. Maya 62. Katharine


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See what we are up to:

4th Grade

4th Grade Honors Math students learned about dividing dividends by 1 and 2 digit divisors. Each student brought in a snack and divided in among their classmates. While enjoying their treats, they completed extra division problems. Math is sweet!

5th Grade

5th Grade Honors Math students learned about adding and subtracting fractions & mixed numbers. In the real world, we use these skills frequently with baking, cooking, measuring, building, distance, etc. Each student brought in a measured snack to add to our class trail mix. Our trail mix had cereal, craisins, chocolate chips, oreos, m&ms, & more!

7th Grade

7th grade Honors Math students learned about combing like terms. Terms like 5x and 8x can be combined to make 13x but 6x and 7y cannot be combined because they are NOT like terms. To help practice this skill, students completed 3 math stations. 1. Combining Like Terms Uno where students placed down cards that were "like terms" just like similar numbers and colors can be placed down in UNO. 2. Combining Like Terms Dice activity. Students rolled the dice and combined any like terms that they rolled. 3. Combining Like Terms crossword puzzle. Students circled like terms in a row vertically, horizontally, and diagonally. "I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand" Confucius.