Barbara Knezo - PJPII Technology Grades 5 - 8


Dear PJPII Technology Students and Families,

Happy December and to the PJPII - Hour of Code Event

We celebrate Computer Education Science Week - Dec 3rd to Dec 9th

Grade 5-8 Classes will kick off their 2018 Hour of Code adventures.

I am excited to introduce the Coding concepts and the students will explore the 2018 challenge: "Lets create a Dance Party"

Opportunity: If your career is in IT, Engineering, App Development or a related fields and you would like to visit for a talk/share session with the Technology students.... PLEASE contact me at to arrange a future visit.

PJPII Technology for Grades 5 - 8 are a 50 minute weekly special in your student's schedule.

Keep ALL passwords secure for G-Suite.


~Mrs. Knezo