PK 4-1 Mrs. Miller

Things we have been learning in school and you can continue to practice at home:

  • putting on coats
  • zipping coats and backpacks
  • knowing the first letter of our name
  • opening and closing snack/lunch containers
  • this week we are learning our birth dates as part of our birthday theme
  • knowing our name when it is spelled out loud (I spell their name each day when handing out nap mats. :)
  • holding pencils, crayons, etc with thumb, pointer and tall man fingers
  • "Thumbs up, Buttercup!"... thumb is up when holding scissors

Link for ABC Snack Sign Up Genius:


  • Introduced religion theme: God Made our Church Family
  • Talked about who is in our church family and the things we do together as a church family
  • Talked about how our church family is like a chain... we are connected and we help one another and stick together. We made a class chain where each of us decorated a paper link with our name on it and then attached them to make a chain to hang in our classroom.
  • Told the story about how my family helped our neighbors when they were in need this past winter. (Ask them about Jackson and the snow storm and what my family did to help them in their time of need.) Told the children to watch out for others, especially when they are in need. How can you do something to help another? If you do not know someone in need, perhaps you can celebrate someone in a special way.
  • CD Song and Movement: All Around My Neighborhood
  • HWT: Frog Jump Letter F and E handwriting review
  • Story: Princess and the Pea (Fairy Tale) for letter Pp week
  • 4 centers:

Used magnetic popsicle sticks to create straight lined letters and shapes on the whiteboard.

Wet, Wet, Dry, Try chalkboards: Practiced our Frog Jump Letters

Halloween Puzzles as a Teamwork/Cooperation activity

Art: Line By Line Peacock Drawings