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Join by downloading the Membership Application Form, fill out a cheque or money order, and send it by snail-mail to the Manitoba Pontiac Association

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We invite you to attend our next monthly meeting. All are welcome and there is no charge to attend the first two meetings. If by the third meeting you have not become a part of the Manitoba Pontiac Association, we will ask that you do so at that time. Cost of membership is $40.00 per family. Fees are due May 31st (annually).

Once you've signed up, you'll receive your Membership Card(s), window stickers, name tag(s) and start to receive your Newsletter by e-mail with the next issue! Only $30.00 per year, even for families ..... be a part of the interest in this hobby and the showing of these vehicles in tours, cruises and displays.

Members also have access to borrow the 20' x 20' x 16' high CLUB TENT complete with walls, as well as use of the club's Pontiac stanchions, rope and checker-board floor tiles for vehicle displays (subject to availability). The Club Tent's reservations are managed by sending an email to the Event Coordinator.

The Manitoba Pontiac Association provides the opportunity for all enthusiasts to get together to not only enjoy some great cars but create long lasting friendships. Besides monthly meetings, we enjoy car cruises, show and shines across Manitoba, and other social events throughout the whole year. Come on out and see what the Manitoba Pontiac Association is all about. Feel free to contact us should you require any further information.

Although we are a car club, we believe it's the people that make the club what it is. The cars are a fantastic bonus.

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