May 2017

District Reflection: Congratulations to our STATE CHAMPION, Sam Fogarty. He won the 7th grade 800 meter run with a time of 2:11.25.

The Board of Education will reinstate PJHS Wrestling in 2017-2018. Students in grades 5th through 8th will be eligible to participate. The season will run from January to March.

PJHS will offer Art as an elective in 2017-2018. We were unable to fill the Technology position and will use Art to fill in the schedule. We are excited to once again offer Art in Kindergarten through 8th grade.

The Board of Education honored Cathi Folkerts (34 years), Marla Bammann (28 years), Mary Loudon (22 years), and Cindy Renzelman (19 years). They will retire this year and we will truly miss them. We wish them the best in the next chapter of their lives.

Warriors of the Month from Central School:

Jayden B

Karson F

Syndel H

Nicci S

Thursday, May 25th, will be the last day of student attendance. Have a wonderful summer break!

Brian Dukes