November 2016

District Reflection: The Board of Education took an important step this month by investing in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) and approving the hire of a K-5 Stem teacher to align with Pontiac Junior High School. Students will have the opportunity to improve skills in critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, and problem solving to prepare them for the 21st century. Students will have hands on STEAM activities and we are excited to see the program in action. Students in large communities have experienced STEAM for a few years now, so why not Pontiac students? Students at Pontiac 429 will have the same opportunities as other students in large districts. We hope to work with the business community and local organizations to provide us resources to make this successful. We will have more to share over the next couple of months. Please check out to see the powerpoint presented to the Board of Education.

Warrior of the Month:

Ava-Mrs. Ashlock, 2nd grade Reese- Mrs. Young, 2nd grade Kaidge- Mrs. Gschwendtner, 3rd grade Daylen- Mrs. Tuttle, 3rd grade

Brian Dukes Superintendent