Summer Reading 2017

At Pomfret School we believe that reading offers rare pleasures and important learning. Reading is a life-long, empowering, and enjoyable pursuit. Reading is a fundamental and wholly necessary skill that must be practiced consistently and often. To that end, Pomfret School students should learn to derive pleasure and joy from reading outside of the assigned curriculum.

In books we travel, meet real and imagined people, and learn to see them clearly and—through them—ourselves. In the words of poet Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, nothing quite matches “The love of learning, the sequestered nooks, and all the sweet serenity of books.”

Our hope is that you will make reading a habit this summer. Read every day, if you can—in a favorite chair, waiting for a plane (or in it), or idling under a tree or on a beach. Although we expect you to read at least three books this summer, we trust you will seek and read more that appeal to you.


1. School-wide read, by Form

This summer, each Pomfret School form (grade level) will read one book in common. The goal of this shared read is to rally each form around a common experience and unifying theme.

Students can expect that the book will be a reference point throughout the year and should return to campus with a thorough understanding of the selection. Reflection prompts and submission instructions for each Form Read can be found in the specific Google classroom described below ... read on!

2017 Selections

Form III (9th Grade): Never Fall Down by Patricia McCormick (ISBN: 978-0-06-173095-5)

Form IV (10th Grade): Lucy by Jamaica Kinkaid (ISBN: 0-374-52735-0)

Form V (11th Grade): Kindred by Octavia Butler (ISBN: 978-0-8070-8369-7)

Form VI (12th Grade) and PG: Drown by Junot Diaz (ISBN: 1-57322-606-8)

2. Two Books of Choice and Reflections

In addition to the form-wide read described above, each Pomfret student must select at least two additional books to read over the summer. We hope that students will make selections according to personal interest. To assist students in their choices, the School has provided an extensive list of recommended books from a variety of genres. By clicking on the link below, you can access a suggested summer reading list through Pomfret School's Goodreads page to see Pomfret selections and brief synopses. (Note: it may be helpful to read all of the information below before clicking on this link!)

Pomfret Suggested Reading on Goodreads

Please note: Students are not limited to the list of recommended books; they may choose to read any books, provided that each selection is age-appropriate.

Summer Reading Google Classrooms:

After reading each selection, students must create a brief, written or artistic reflection and submit it within the Google Classroom established for her/his form/grade level. Summer reading writing prompts and instruction are included within each dedicated Google Classroom.

Step 1: Begin your Google Classroom journey by clicking this link:

Step 2: Log into Google using your assigned Pomfret School email and password. Access is only granted by using your Pomfret School credentials. Contact should you encounter challenges with your Pomfret email account.

Follow the prompts from Google (acting as a student) to Join a Class. Make use of the appropriate access code connected to your form.

Form III access code: lb0rri

Form IV access code: nw39hc

Form V access code: mvq41dl

Form VI and PG access code: 4vdgo

Once in the Google Classroom, you will see the dedicated form read and its writing prompt, and also the instructions for student-choice reads. All summer reading reflections will be submitted via Google Classroom.

Although students have the entire summer to complete these reflections, we strongly encourage students to complete this assignment during the summer while the book is still fresh. Students should expect to have follow-up discussions about their summer reading experience with their advisor early in the year. Remember: Students who do not submit the summer reading reflections will be placed in evening and/or weekend study hall until the work is complete.

Important: Responses for Form and Student-Choice reads must be submitted on or before September 1, 2017.

3. Required Work for Advanced Courses

A number of Advanced courses expect students to complete an additional read or a modest amount of pre-work during the summer. Please follow the specific course guidelines listed on the Advanced Courses page.

Note: Although we hope students will read extensively over the summer, no student is required to read more than a total of five books. Those students taking three or more Advanced courses may substitute required Advanced work for one or both of the student-choice books from the recommended reading list. The form read is mandatory regardless of a student's academic load.