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Parasitoid Wasp

One hot August day in 2014 I watched a wasp drag a paralyzed caterpillar along the sand in preparation for her egg laying.


The wasp left the caterpillar to dig a hole in the sand. She will bury the caterpillar after laying her eggs inside the body. The eggs will hatch and the larvae will eat their way through the body. Yum.


The wasp took no notice of me as I took photos.

Still at Work

I missed the actual burial, but the caterpillar was missing so I assume success.


Willard Brook State Forest, Ashby, MA - June 3, 2015

Red Fox

New Ipswich, NH - May 15, 2016

Red Fox

New Ipswich, NH - May 15, 2016

Eastern Tiger Swallowtail (Papilo glaucus)

New Ipswich, NH - June 3, 2018

Blue Morpho

Blue Morpho Butterfly at The Butterfly Place in Westford. MA.