Frequently Asked Questions

What do PMA parents pay for?

PMA is a public charter school, so parents do not pay tuition. Parents only pay for things like field trips, athletics, lunches, school supplies, school clothing, etc. We will also fundraise to offset some of the costs of field trips and athletics.

What are PMA parents expected to do?

We expect our parents to be supportive of our learning environment and to encourage each student to fulfill their potential. We ask for parents to help volunteer, mentor, or coach as well as to help us maintain positive, working relationships with our community members. We hope that our parents will attend PTO, student-teacher conferences, Open House, athletic events, academic competitions, and some house games. Our parents will also help support our PTO's carpool program.

Do we have public transportation?

We do not currently have bus transportation available for students. Parents are expected to arrange rides or allow the student to drive. Our PTO will be putting together a carpool program. We hope to have at least one activity bus for field trips and athletics.