Dress Code

Pollock Moore Academy Dress Code

Students are expected to listen to directions and read announcements regarding dress code for every occasion. Regular school days require business casual dress. All dress codes are defined on this dress code page in full. Dress codes include work wear, athletic wear, casual wear, business casual, business professional, semi-formal attire, and formal attire. In general, all students should maintain good hygiene and always be presentable for every occasion. No student should ever be dressed in a way that embarrasses Pollock Moore Academy or demeans the academic goals of our school. Students may wear leggings under dresses and skirts that meet the fingertip rule. Students should not have holes in their clothes. No sagging or exposure will be tolerated.

Makeup and hair style should be appropriate for the occasion. Shoes should match the purpose and attire. No student should be showing cleavage or chest, too much leg, an exposed midriff, or an exposed rear end. Appropriate length for all shirts, dresses, and shorts must be longer than the person’s fingertips when hanging gently by both sides. No hats or non-religious head coverings should be worn inside a building. No one should wear clothing that contains references to school inappropriate content including gangs, alcohol, sex, and drugs. Piercings, hair color, and tattoos, when present, should not be distractions from the learning environment. The administrators reserve the right to decide if something is inappropriate for the occasion.

  • Work Gear: Students should wear old clothes appropriate for the weather and task. Some tasks may require steel-toed boots or other safety equipment. Your instructor or sponsor will give you specific directions.
  • Athletic Wear: Students should wear a short sleeve or long sleeve t-shirt and athletic style jogging, yoga, or basketball shorts or pants. No spaghetti strap or wife beater tank tops. Tennis shoes should be neatly tied and worn with socks. Hair should be secured. Caps and hats are permitted outside only. Other athletic gear may be approved by the administrators.
  • Casual Wear: Students may wear jeans, shorts, skirts, sundresses or t-shirt dresses, t-shirts, polo shirts, blouses, tunics, hoodie sweatshirts, and other items as improved by administration. Students may wear a variety of shoes, but may be asked to wear specific types of shoes for certain classes. Sleeveless shirts may be worn, but no tank tops or spaghetti straps. No hoods are allowed to be worn in the building.
  • Business Casual: Students may wear nice jeans, slacks, pants, shorts, skirts, dresses, collared shirts, blouses, tunics, hoodless jackets, sweaters, vests, and other items as approved by administration. No t-shirts, hoodies, or sweats. Leggings may be worn under appropriate length skirts and dresses. Students may wear a variety of school appropriate shoes, but may be asked to wear specific types of shoes for certain classes. Regular school days require business casual dress code unless otherwise stated by administration.
  • Business Professional: Students may wear dress pants, dress skirts, executive dresses, collared shirts, formal blouses, suit jackets, sport coats, ties, and other items as approved by administration.
  • Semi-formal Attire: Students may wear suits and ties or cocktail dresses.
  • Formal Attire: Students may wear tuxedos or evening gowns.