5.21.2019 Minutes

Pollock Moore Academy

Board of Directors


Meeting of the Board

Date: May 21, 2019

Location: Dallas & Gracey Law Group Conference Room, Thomson, GA

Members Invited: All founding board members plus board consultants and contractors. Members of the public may attend if space is available.

Members Present: D’Lee Pollock, Wayne Williford, Dr. Quynh Spicer, Deshala Murray, Nancy Blount, Dr. Chantell Scott, Joanne Patton, Kenny Asterita, Grace Smith, LeeAnne Cowart, Crystal Strickland (via telephone).

Members Absent: David Moore, Cheryl Gracey.

No. of Guests Present: 0


  1. Take picture documentation for website / social media if needed.
  2. Call to Order (Facilitated by the co-founders unless otherwise noted.)
    1. Mission: Our school’s mission is to educate and learn with engagement, innovation, and passion. (Board reads together)
    2. Pledge to the Flag of the United States (Mr. Moore)
    3. Prayer (Mrs. Pollock)
    4. Introductions (Mrs. Pollock)
    5. Words of Inspiration (Coach Strickland) Coach Strickland said that the students and teachers we are looking for should be PMA quality -- Passionate Mighty Achievers!
    6. Establishing a Quorum 9 of 11

*There will be no open floor for members of the public until we have adopted our school policies.

  1. Adoption of Public Agenda and Old Business
    1. Adopt Public Agenda (Set a time limit of 30 minutes on public session due to executive session needs)
      1. Motion to Adopt: Wayne Williford
      2. Second: Nancy Blount
      3. Yeas: 9, Nays: 0
    2. Discuss Minutes from 4.9.19 and 4.30.19.

The Board noted that Academic Policies needed to be added to the 4.30.2019 Minutes.

      1. Motion to Adopt: Chantell Scott
      2. Second: Wayne Williford
      3. Yeas: 9, Nays: 0
    1. Discuss and adopt the PMA Way, except Dress Code rule (see PMA Way).

The Board discussed making the following changes to the PMA Way after receiving feedback from members and consultants: A.) Add pledge to a parent waiver so teachers will know which students are required by their parents to fully participate in pledge (only exception to #10), B.) Add drug and alcohol talks with reformed addicts to our health classes, C.) Rule 13 shall be changed from “urgency” to “promptness,” D.) Add social media etiquette and cyber bullying specifics to rule 24. The motion to adopt was made to adopt the PMA Way with Changes, excepting rule 17 (dress code). Dress Code was tabled for a later discussion after research could be conducted.

      1. Motion to Adopt with Changes: Wayne Williford
      2. Second: Dr. Quynh Spicer
      3. Yeas: 9, Nays: 0
    1. Discuss and adopt the Discipline Rationale & Plan, except Dress Code (see Discipline Rationale & Plan).

The Board discussed: that makeup work would be allowed for students on ISS/OSS, but that it must comply with the terms of the Behavior Contract given to them by an administrator; add a policy / specific rule stating that pictures on social media depicting students actively committing a Level 2 or Level 3 infraction will be subject to discipline at school; on number 11, add the term “unsafe work environment,” and on number 15, add “use conflict resolution strategies to resolve interpersonal conflicts.” Add peer mediation strategies to future agenda or to character education curriculum.

      1. Motion to Adopt with Changes: Deshala Murray
      2. Second: Wayne Williford
      3. Yeas: 9, Nays: 0
    1. Tabled discuss Dress Code and Cell Phone Rule.
      1. Motion to Approve Tabling: Wayne Williford
      2. Second: Deshala Murray
      3. Yeas: 9, Nays: 0
  1. Move to Executive Session with Invited Members (Board Members, Founding Members, and Board Consultants only) for New Business
      1. Motion to Approve Executive Session: Nancy Blount
      2. Second: Wayne Williford
      3. Yeas: 9, Nays: 0
  2. Adjourn
    1. Propose New Business for June 11th meeting.
      1. Practice interview.
      2. Continue to approve policies and calendars.
      3. Work on real estate goals.
    2. Discuss plan of action and adjourn.
      1. Scheduled Board Meetings: June 11, July 9
      2. SCSC Interview June 18th
      3. Ms. Gracey is planning a social for the Founding Board Members and Families
      4. Meet & Greet for Public at Sunset Auction House

Date July something? (Ask Mr. Williford about availability.)

Motion to Adjourn: Deshala Murray

Second: Dr. Quynh Spicer

Yeas: 9, Nays: 0

Minutes Taken by Grace Smith