4.9.2019 Agenda

Pollock Moore Academy

Board of Directors


Meeting of the Board

Date: April 9, 2019

Location: The Dallas Law Group Conference Room, Thomson, GA

Members Invited: All founding board members plus board consultants and contractors.


  1. Call to Order and Motion to Adopt Agenda
  2. Motion to Approve Executive Session
  3. Executive Session Begins (Facilitated by the co-founders unless otherwise noted.)
    1. Mission: Our school’s mission is to educate and learn with engagement, innovation, and passion. (Board reads together)
    2. Pledge to the Flag of the United States (Mr. Moore)
    3. Prayer (Mrs. Pollock)
    4. Establishing a Quorum
    5. Discuss and adopt Minutes from 4.2.19
    6. Discuss and adopt Student Enrollment Interest Form
    7. Discuss and adopt Petition
    8. Board members complete conflict of interest form
    9. Move to exit Executive Session
  4. Adjourn
    1. Propose New Business for April 30th meeting.
      1. Remaining policies to be approved
    2. Discuss plan of action and adjourn.
      1. Scheduled Board Meetings: April 30, May 14
      2. KaMin Plant Visit in April 19