4.30.2019 Minutes

Pollock Moore Academy

Board of Directors


Meeting of the Board

Date: April 30, 2019

Start Time: 6:40 p.m.

Location: Dallas & Gracey Law Group Conference Room, Thomson, GA

Members Present: David Moore, D’Lee Pollock, Cheryl Gracey, Wayne Williford, Dr. Quynh Spicer, Nancy Blount, Dr. Chantell Scott, Crystal Strickland, Grace Smith

Members Absent: Joanne Patton, Kenny Asterita, Deshala Murray


  1. Take picture documentation for website / social media if needed.
  2. Call to Order (Facilitated by the co-founders unless otherwise noted.)
    1. Mission: Our school’s mission is to educate and learn with engagement, innovation, and passion. (Board reads together)
    2. Vision: Our vision is to create a model school that is a paradigm of positive school culture, hybrid learning, community partnerships, and engaging teaching in order to produce students who are workforce prepared or college ready critical thinkers and active members of our society. Our students will graduate as job-ready members of our society. We will strive to offer rigorous, college and career readiness lessons and classes with a wide variety of dual enrollment, apprenticeship, and fine arts options. (Mr. Moore)
    3. Pledge to the Flag of the United States (Mr. Moore)
    4. Prayer (Mrs. Pollock)
    5. Introductions (Mrs. Pollock)
    6. Words of Inspiration (Dr. Chantell Scott)
    7. Establishing a Quorum

*There will be no open floor for members of the public until we have adopted our school policies.

  1. Adoption of Public Agenda and Old Business
    1. Adopt Public Agenda
      1. Motion to Adopt: Nancy Blount
      2. Second: Crystal Strickland
      3. Yeas 9, Nays 0
    2. Discuss Minutes from 4.9.19 (We will send these by email and vote on these next time. The majority is executive session.)
    3. Discuss and adopt Graduation Requirements (see Graduation Requirements).
      1. The Board discussed requiring the parent or guardian to approve student’s schedule and graduation plan as part of academic policy.
      2. Motion to Adopt with Changes: Wayne Williford
      3. Second: Dr. Chantell Scott
      4. Yeas 9, Nays 0
    4. Discuss and adopt Curriculum Rationale & Plan (see Curriculum Rationale and Plan).
      1. Motion to Adopt with Changes: Grace Smith
      2. Second: Dr. Quynh Spicer
      3. Yeas 9, Nays 0
  2. Move to Executive Session with Invited Members (Board Members, Founding Members, and Board Consultants only) for New Business
      1. Motion to Approve Executive Session: Grace Smith
      2. Second: Nancy Blount
      3. Yeas 9, Nays 0
    1. Employment.
    2. Petition status and interview.
    3. Discuss Board membership (Grace Smith).
      1. Motion to Approve Ending Executive Session: Nancy Blount
      2. Second: Wayne Williford
      3. Yeas 9, Nays 0
  3. Adjourn
    1. Propose New Business for May 14th meeting.
      1. Practice interview.
      2. Continue to approve policies and calendars.
      3. Work on real estate goals.
    2. Discuss plan of action and adjourn.
      1. Scheduled Board Meetings: May 14, June 11
      2. Harlem Merchants Association Meeting; May 6th at 9 am; Harlem Java House (They are approving our membership and partnership.)
      3. Meet & Greet?
      4. Motion to Adjourn: Grace Smith
      5. Second: Wayne Williford
      6. Yeas 9, Nays 0