3.25.2019 Minutes

Pollock Moore Academy

Board of Directors

Meeting of the Board

Date: March 25, 2019

Start Time: 6:36pm

Location: The Dallas Law Group Conference Room, Thomson, GA

Members Invited: All founding board members plus board consultants and contractors.

Members Present: Dr. Chantell Scott, Kenny Asterita, Wayne Williford, Deshala Murray,

Cheryl Gracey, Nancy Blount, Grace Smith, D’Lee Pollock-Moore, David Moore, Crystal Strickland, Joanne Patton, LeeAnne Cowart, Alex Cawthon, Cortney R. Elam

1 Member of Public Present

Members Absent: Dr. Quynh Spicer


  1. Call to Order (Facilitated by the co-founders unless otherwise noted.)
    1. Mission: Our school’s mission is to educate and learn with engagement, innovation, and passion. (Board reads together)
    2. Vision: Our vision is to create a model school that is a paradigm of positive school culture, hybrid learning, community partnerships, and engaging teaching in order to produce students who are workforce prepared or college ready critical thinkers and active members of our society. Our students will graduate as job-ready members of our society. We will strive to offer rigorous, college and career readiness lessons and classes with a wide variety of dual enrollment, apprenticeship, and fine arts options. (Mr. Moore)
    3. Pledge to the Flag of the United States (Mr. Moore)
    4. Prayer (Mrs. Pollock)
    5. Introductions (Mrs. Pollock)
    6. Words of Inspiration (Mrs. Cowart from the State Board of Education)
      1. LeeAnne Cowart, Board consultant, passed out a handout of other Georgia charter schools that have a similar school structure to ours that we can research. She then discussed the meeting held earlier that day with the McDuffie Chamber of Commerce and giving students a trajectory of success.
    7. Establishing a Quorum
      1. Motion to Approve: Wayne Williford
      2. Second: Dr. Chantell Scott
      3. Yeas: 10, Nays: 0

*There will be no open floor for members of the public until we have adopted our school policies.

2. Adoption of Public Agenda and Old Business

    1. Adoption of Public Agenda
      1. Motion to Adopt: Grace Smith
      2. Second: Crystal Strickland
      3. Yeas: 10, Nays: 0
    2. Review and Adopt mission, vision, and target students.
      1. Target Students: Our target students are students from poverty, gifted students, special education students, or any student who believes in being part of a supportive family-like atmosphere, where each student receives daily individual attention and is encouraged to grow to the level of his or her potential in being prepared for the student’s individualized life plan. We serve students who want “something different” than the traditional public high school. We hope to attract students from a variety of backgrounds, cultures, and needs.
        1. The only changes to target students were grammatical changes to the first sentence, already updated above.
        2. Motion to Adopt Target Students with Updated First Sentence
          1. Motion to Adopt: Dr. Chantell Scott
          2. Second: Wayne Williford
          3. Yeas: 10, Nays: 0
    3. Review and Adopt Amended Articles of Incorporation
      1. Motion to Adopt: Deshala Murray
      2. Second: Grace Smith
      3. Yeas: 10 , Nays: 0
    4. Review and Adopt Bylaws
      1. Motion to Adopt: Nancy Blount
      2. Second: Deshala Murray
      3. Yeas: 10 , Nays: 0
    5. Review bids for the Opening of a Corporate Bank Account
      1. Farmers State Bank (Renae Connor)
        1. Mrs. Pollock-Moore noted that an updated quote is no service charges.
      2. SunTrust Bank (Brittney Dyson)
      3. SRP Credit Union (Glenn Howell)
    6. Vote to Approve Banking Account (we will schedule a meeting with the bank representative with co-founders, officers, and signers for a later date)
      1. Motion to Approve Farmers State Bank: Wayne Williford
      2. Second: Deshala Murray
      3. Yeas: 10 , Nays: 0
      4. Ms. Elam recommended that we have different signers for different accounts.
    7. Discuss and approve accounting period and tax year. Our proposal is to run our fiscal year from July 1 to June 30 in keeping with the Department of Education’s fiscal year.
      1. Motion to Approve: Grace Smith
      2. Second: Dr. Chantell Scott
      3. Yeas: 10 , Nays: 0
    8. Discuss status of pending community partnerships.
      1. Augusta Tech (Penny Lowe)
      2. Thomson-McDuffie County Leisure and Recreation Services / Sweetwater (Monte Ashcraft)
        1. Coach Strickland spoke about Letter of Support and their availability for tennis, soccer, and cross country. The gym is also available. Fee to rent facilities for major sports is around $75-$100 per game. Possible free for minor sports.
      3. Augusta University, College of Education (Jackie Creasy).
        1. Mrs. Pollock shared that AU has offered a conditional letter of support that explains how AU would partner with us on our teacher training opportunities.
      4. 4H Extension Services (Tish Kersey).
        1. Mrs. Pollock explained that Tish Kersey and Amanda Wilkerson would be serving PMA with 4H and UGA extension activities before and after school.
      5. Goodwill Industries (Miranda Wertz)
        1. Mrs. Patton discussed how Goodwill can help with teaching job skills to our special education students.
      6. Archway Partnership, University of Georgia (Sam Perren).
        1. Mrs. Pollock spoke of the upcoming meeting.
      7. McDuffie County Chamber of Commerce (Debbie Jones)
        1. Mrs. Blount, Mrs. Pollock-Moore, and Mrs. Cowart attended a meeting with the McDuffie County Chamber of Commerce earlier this afternoon. Mrs. Blount spoke how the Chamber would like for us to be a part of their Workforce in Education Committee. The Board discussed and agreed that PMA needed to be a Chamber member. Alex Cawthon volunteered to pay the entire Chamber membership dues for our first year.
          1. Motion to Approve becoming a member of the McDuffie County Chamber of Commerce: Nancy Blount
          2. Second: Deshala Murray
          3. Yeas: 10, Nays: 0
      8. Columbia County Chamber of Commerce (Tammy Shepherd)
        1. Meeting will be Tuesday, March 26 at 4:00pm. Mrs. Smith, Mr. Moore, and Mrs. Pollock-Moore plan on attending.
      9. Georgia Learning Resources System (Lisa Hill)
      10. Planned Industry Partnerships (KaMin, Thiele Kaolin, GBI Cyber Crime Center, AU Cyber Security, Georgia Pacific, Georgia Power, University McDuffie, McDuffie Animal Hospital, Ron Clark Academy)
        1. In addition to the above, additional partnerships were discussed. Mrs. Smith discussed Johnson Controls (JCI) and Goff Electric. Coach Strickland will talk with Blanchard Equipment and John Deere.

3. Move to Executive Session with Invited Members (Board Members, Founding Members, and Board Consultants only) for New Business

4. Adjourn

      1. Motion to Adjourn: Grace Smith
      2. Second: Nancy Blount
      3. Yeas: 10 , Nays: 0