3.12.19 Board Meeting Agenda

Pollock Moore Academy

Board of Directors

Meeting of the Board

Date: March 12, 2019

Location: The Dallas Law Group Conference Room, Thomson, GA

Members Invited: All founding board members plus board consultants.


  1. Take picture documentation, collect resumes, and collect information sheets. Board member affirmations led by Mrs. Pollock-Moore.
  2. Call to Order Facilitated by the co-founders unless otherwise noted.
    1. Mission: Our mission is to educate and learn with engagement, innovation, and passion. (Board reads together)
    2. Vision: Our vision is to create a model school that is a paradigm of positive school culture, hybrid learning, community partnerships, and engaging teaching in order to produce students who are workforce prepared or college ready critical thinkers and active members of our society. Our students will graduate as job-ready members of our society. We will strive to offer rigorous, college and career readiness lessons and classes with a wide variety of dual enrollment, apprenticeship, and fine arts options. (Mr. Moore)
    3. Pledge to the Flag of the United States (Mr. Moore)
    4. Prayer (Mrs. Pollock-Moore)
    5. Introductions (Mrs. Pollock-Moore and Members of the Board)
    6. Words of Inspiration (Mrs. Cowart from the State Board of Education)
    7. Attendance (brief break for photograph) and Establishing a Quorum

*There will be no open floor for members of the public until we have adopted our school policies.

3. Brief Review of School Concept, Zone of Attendance, and Athletics / Extra-curriculars. (Mr. Moore, Mrs. Pollock-Moore, and Coach Strickland)

4. Adoption of Public Agenda and Old Business

    1. Vote on Officers (Chair, Vice Chair, Treasurer, and Secretary)
    2. Discuss and vote on School Concept (Minus Zone of Attendance)
    3. Discuss and vote on Zone of Attendance
      1. Accountability
        1. Harlem High School CCRPI 70.2
        2. Thomson HIgh School CCRPI 63.7
        3. Harlem-Thomson Average CCRPI 67.0
        4. State Average for all High Schools CCRPI 75.3
      2. Finances (Distribute funding information to discuss more in depth at the next meeting)
        1. Guaranteed Income: QBE Funding AND local tax dollars OR state charter dollars
        2. Possible Income: Charter Grants, Title Programs, General Grants and Foundation Grants, Fundraising / Private Donations
    4. Vote on School Organization
    5. Review Bylaws
    6. Tentatively Approve and Sign Working Bylaws

5. Move to Executive Session with Invited Members (Board Members, Founding Members, and Board Consultants only) for New Business

    1. Discuss and vote on accounting period and tax year.
    2. Discuss fundraising procedures and goals.
    3. Discuss obtaining bids for the opening of a corporate bank account.
    4. Discuss dual enrollment partnerships.
    5. Discuss community partnerships.
    6. Discuss Launch Party.
    7. Propose New Business for March 25th meeting.
      1. Review Bylaws
      2. Tentatively Approve and Sign Working Bylaws

6. Adjourn

    1. Discuss plan of action and adjourn.