Plainview-Old Bethpage Schools

Elementary STEAM

Our world is changing. In the increasingly complex society we live in, the measurement of one’s success is no longer measured on just what you know, but what you are able to do with the knowledge. Plainview-Old Bethpage Schools has recognized the need for our students to be equipped with the knowledge and skills to be tough problem solvers, creative thinkers, global citizens/activists, and innovators. The STEAM program that has developed at the elementary level introduces students to experiences in which these skills are identified as measurements of learning. STEAM supports children’s natural curiosity and excitement for exploration, while also building a foundation for later academic achievement. It is a proactive approach to preparing our students for the increased demands of Math and Science standards by teaching a skill set applicable to any problem through the Engineering Design Process. STEAM lessons, challenges, and Makerspace Education allow for ingenuity in its rawest form. Students are creating and making prototypes of their own designs. Students test their construction’s efficiency, and revise their designs using data they have interpreted. Through the collection of evidence based inquiry, and problem based learning, our students are evaluating their own progress, taking the lead in their education, being empowered by sharing their own voice and findings, and are becoming future ready students.