Peoria Notre Dame German

Herzlich Willkommen!

"Developing the whole person- spirit, body, and mind."

Necessary Supplies:

Students will need to bring their laptop, writing utensils, and book to class daily. Students will also be required to have a 1.5 inch binder for German class. In their binder, students will keep their notes, homework, and supplementary handouts.

Course Overview

This is a communicative classroom, an immersion experience. You will find that as much as possible, the class is conducted in German. Do not be frightened. We will use many kinds of communication to make sure that you understand spoken and written German. From visual aids to facial expressions and body language to all out charades, you will find that German is easy to understand. Soon you will find yourself speaking and writing German. Lessons in culture, history, and geography will take us outside the boundaries of our textbook and give us a better of the German speaking population around the world.

Extra Credit:

Extra Credit is offered the first week and last week of the trimester through the Common Assessment. The pre-test is 1% of the total course points added to the midterm. The post-test is up to 2% of the course points added the last week.

Test corrections are offered before or after school for one week after a test is returned. The last date for test corrections will be posted in the classroom. 1/2 credit per corrected answer can be earned.

Additional projects and/or assignments may be given as extra credit. These assignments will only be given as opportunities to the whole class based on the class level and teacher's discretion.


The syllabi for the German courses at PND are currently under revision. Please check back at the beginning of the school year. Thank you!

Frau Harrison's Contact Information:

I am also available to meet in person. Please feel free to stop by anytime before school (starting at 7:30 AM) or after school (until 3:30 PM) to receive help, ask questions or address concerns.