Who has the Chromebooks?

Using Google Calendar to see who has signed out the Chromebooks.

Viewing Chromebook iPad Calendar.webm

Organizing Evaluation Evidence:

  • Learn how you may Use Google Drawings and Google Docs to organize and share your evaluation evidence.
Organizing Evidence for Teacher Eval Using G Suite.webm


Learn how to engage students with this fun multi-player quiz game!

How do I reserve coaching time?

Tutorial: Reserving Coaching Time.webm


Promote communication, thinking and oral language skills by allowing students to discuss topics with classmates.

Flipgrid Tutorial.webm

Google Cast for EDU:

  • Learn how students may cast their Chromebooks onto your teacher computer.
Google Cast for Education.webm


Record student or teachers giving directions, responding to a prompt, recording their ideas and more!

Vocaroo Tutorial.webm


Tutorial created with Jen Yaeger. Learn how to take notes and organize your book bins.

Introduction to Using Storia.webm


Learn how students and teachers can now create their very own BRAINPOP Style movie using Make a Movie!

BrainPOP Tutorial.webm


Turn videos into awesome formative assessments!

EdPuzzle quick intro.webm

Google Keep

Providing students with feedback while archiving anecdotal notes and collaborating or sharing with co-teachers.

Google Keep for Student Feedback.webm


Learn how students and teachers can quickly cite their sources using the EasyBib extension!

Easy Bib.webm

Google Explore TOOL

Easily add research and cite sources.

Explore Tool.webm