Apple TV

Apple TV information

  1. To access, click SOURCE on your projector and select HDMI
  2. To access SWIPE up on iPad and choose AIRPLAY
  3. Select your room to MIRROR your iPad
  4. Movie and TV Commercials should not be showing. If they are for some reason, please let me know so that I may adjust settings.

Example Scenarios where you'd use Apple TV

A) SHARING WORK: Students are creating digital books using Wixie or Book Creator. The teacher asks who would like to share their lead. Students raise their hand and teacher selects one student. The student uses AirPlay to share with class from their seat. Or, students can take a snapshot of their work and project to class without leaving their area.

B) DOCUMENT CAMERA: The teacher walks around looking at student journals. She sees a misconception she'd like to share with the class. The teacher uses the camera to project the student workbook to the whiteboard.

C) REMOTE: The teacher is presenting information during her mini-lesson using Google Slides. The teacher may advance through the slideshow as she walks around the classroom.

D)ANNOTATE IMAGES: The teacher takes a snapshot of text or uses digital text from a website. The teacher may now walk around the room and annotate the text or have students annotate.

E)NAVIGATE INTERNET: The teacher may visit websites and navigate the pages while wirelessly walking around with the class.

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