Coding Club

May 3

This week, students programmed Dash and Dot to complete different challenges using the Wonder app on the iPads. We also received a new basketball hoop which allows Dash to shoot baskets. Students had so much fun using the accessories in the Blockly app to program Dash to shoot hoops!

April 26

Students were able to use Code Master,, Dash and Dot or Bloxels today. Many students were interested in Bloxels! We shared our games again and offered more feedback!

April 12

This week, students shared their games with classmates and received feedback. Students played each other's games and offered positive feedback and also suggestions for improvement. Students then took the feedback and determined if changes should be made.

While students awaited feedback, they used the Blockly app with our robots Dash and Dot. Students had a lot of fun coding the robots to move, shoot baskets, speak, change lights, and react to each other.

Here's a video for Dash and Dot.

April 4: Adding Backgrounds and Scratch

This week, we were so lucky to have Cory, a sophmore from Plymouth North High School, assist us during Coding Club. Students created and added backgrounds to their games, which really created a nice visual.

Students that were using the desktop computers were given a choice to code by completing their coursework at, or by logging into their Scratch accounts. I was not surprised to see that almost every student chose to use Scratch. It's a wonderful tool for learning how to code!

March 28th

Students learned how to create enemies and hazards to add to their Bloxels games. Students were so creative and innovative with their designs! We also had so much fun using Code Master to learn how to code in an unplugged atmosphere. It was a lot of fun!

March 21st

Students learned how to design their very own characters and add them to their Bloxels games. Students had a blast creating the Easter Bunny, Pacman, little boys and girls, and even a unicorn! We also had so much fun adding the characters to our original games.

Students that were waiting for their turn at Bloxels were able to work on their coursework at Students decided if they wanted to work independently or with a partner.