At home Activities

Challenge 3: Tour Builder

We have learned about Tour Builder in school. Go home and create a "Bucket List" tour of all the places you hope to visit! Include 5 locations and explain why!

Historical Plymouth Screencast Tour Builder.webm

Challenge 2: Scratch Challenge


  • Have parents or guardians create an account at Scratch
  • Watch tutorial
  • Create your own virtual pet
  • Have parents or guardians email me a link to your project at jboucher@plymouth.k12.ma.us
  • Earn a digital badge!

Coding Squad: Challenge 1

Directions: Watch the tutorial and then complete the challenge by clicking on the image. You must be signed into your school Google Account!

Click on the activity and say yes to "Make a Copy" to edit your own Challenge!


To Join:

  1. You must have parent permission to use your device.
  2. You must have a computer or iPad/tablet/SMARTphone. (Download Clever and Code.org Free Apps)
  3. Complete each week's challenge and submit your answers!
  4. Earn badges for completing an activity!
  5. This is just for fun- not really a competition!

Parents: **Please note: If student has difficulty it is expected the parent will assist. This is just an extra fun activity for students to continue learning about computer science at home.