Technology Integration at West Elementary

This is the West Elementary Technology Integration Page. This site is updated by Mrs. Boucher.

This Month's Objectives:

Google Tour Builder

This month, students in Grades 3-5 will be using Google Tour Builder to explore the world using Google Earth. Students will create amazing tours and share information about each location by adding text, images, and video.

Students in Grades K-2 Mapping

Students in Grades K-2 will explore different digital mapping tools by using My Maps, Wixie and more!


Simulation Software and Coding

This month, students in grades 3-5 will learn how to use the simulation software, SketchUp for Schools, to design various structures. SketchUp is fully integrated with the G Suite for Education allowing students to login using their Google Accounts. You may learn more at SketchUp is another fabulous tool that allows students to be creative while producing and not just consuming information. We are also typing at for at least 10 minutes per class.

Students in grades K-2 are using MIT's Scratch and Scratch Jr. programs. Scratch allows students to program their own interactive games, stories, and animations. Our K-1 students will use the FREE Scratch Jr. app on the iPads to code their stories. Second graders will login at using a generic classroom account. Consider creating a family account at home and learn how to code alongside your student!

Enrichment Ideas: If you go to there is a Coding Squad page listed under the Student Page. I have posted a Scratch Challenge Activity there for students in Grades 2+ to complete with a parent or guardian. Complete the challenge and earn a digital badge! Students in K-1 may create digital stories by having a parent or guardian download the free Scratch Jr. app.