Paper Slides

  • Paper Slides are a fun, collaborative way to allow students to show their learning. Students work together in teams of 3-4 students in a group. Students first brainstorm what their paper slide will look like based on teacher requirements. Once the brainstorming is done, they will get a quick teacher to check in. After the teacher checks in, they can begin recording or make corrections depending on the teacher's feedback. Once their brainstorm is right, they will then start creating their paper slide by using different colors, photos, and examples to help explain the concept to others. After their artwork and slides are created students will then videotape the slide show. Students will use their voice to add an additional explanation to their slides. Finally, once all students have completed their paper slide students will watch other paper slides.

Teacher ideas:

Math- Students solve a word problem or math problem

Writing- Students write a story

Reading- Students use close reading skills as they are reading a passage

Science- Students explain a concept- The rock cycle

Social Studies- Students demonstrate the different types of governments

Student pros and cons:


If you’re shy, you wouldn’t have to show your face only the paper.

You could see it on the paper and understand it more instead of just listening to the person talk.


It would take a while to create.

It would take a lot of people.

Copy of Story Board 2.pdf

Template for brainstorming paper slides.

Why Students love Paper Slides

Example of Paper Slide

Paper slides.pdf

Why Students love Paper Slides

Paper slide.MOV


Paper slide example.MOV

Example of Paper Slide