District Instructional Technology Goals for Teaching & Learning

District Goals for Use of Digital Technology for Teaching and Learning

  • Technology should be used to help students and teachers manage and organize materials and resources.
        • Create and maintain a Google Classroom to provide students with all information, tools and resources for their learning
        • Provide a common site for students to access virtually all classroom information.

  • Technology should be used to allow students and teachers to communicate and collaborate.
        • Provide a vehicle for students to collaborate on assignments and projects and help one another’s learning.
        • Use Google Classroom as a vehicle to share feedback and collaborate with students.

  • Technology should be used to present content and enhance teaching and learning.
        • Provide the ability to present information in a multitude of ways.
        • Allow for students to access information and get assistance (i.e., tutorials) based on their own needs.
        • Provide access to all notes, slides, additional resources students may need to assist their learning, both in school and outside of school.

  • Technology should be used to formatively assess individual learning.
        • Use learning programs that assess student progress.
        • Use learning programs that level work, provide targeted remediation, and enrichment.
        • Use learning programs that generate data that are useful to the teacher to help inform future instruction.