2020/21 Secondary One

Message to New S1 Students and Parents (2020/21)

Welcome all S1 students and parents to join our school in the coming academic year. In order to let you receive the most updated information about S1 Summer Programmes and the school policy, we strongly advise both students and parents to access the links below and take necessary actions.

For safety concerns, the Summer Pre-S1 EMI Bridging Program will be conducted ONLINE through the software, Zoom from 3rd – 6th August, 2020. The online lesson timetable can be assessed at eClass. The lesson materials can be downloaded through the links provided at eClass or students and parents can come in person to collect the materials at the School General Office. (Monday to Friday 9:00 – 12:00, 14:00-17:00, Saturday 9:00 – 12:00).

Students are reminded to complete the Pre-lesson Exercises before 3rd August. (Students should have received the Pre-lesson Exercises on the Registration Day.)

Be well prepare for the Secondary school life and looking forward to seeing you all soon.





同學必須於8月3日前完成Pre-lesson Exercises﹙Pre-lesson Exercises已於註冊日派發﹚。


Download Guidelines 軟件下載指引

1.Obtain S1 Student Information to access eClass


Inquiry with all 8 characters of EDB STRN in CAPITAL letters.

以教育局學生編號 STRN (英文大楷)查閱本校學生註冊編號 Regno.

2. How to access eClass

如何登入eClass 系統

3. How to download S1 EMI Bridging Program Material


4. How to install Zoom software for online lesson (Revised)

如何下載Zoom 軟件作網上實時課堂 (已更新)

5. How to install eClass Parent App


「eClass Parent App 應用程式」,能無縫整合 eClass 平台透過即時訊息、學校宣佈、電子通告、考勤及繳費紀錄等功能,為家長更方便接校園資訊,建構更緊密溝通橋樑。

Install eClass Parent App 安裝家長流動應用程式

Download Installation and Operation Guide (Chinese Only)


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