Po Leung Kuk Lo Kit Sing (1983) College

ICT Support and Promotion Department

Scope of Work

  1. Procure and Acquire IT and AV facilities
  2. Provide Technical Support Services for IT and AV facilities
  3. Provide and maintian the Computer Network Services for Learning and Teaching
  4. Promote the use of Information and Communication Technology for Learning and Teaching

Executive Establishment (2018/19)


Mr. KWAN Lap Sun (Assistant Vice-Principal)


  1. Mr. LI Kwong Tak
  2. Mr. TAM Siu Sun
  3. Mr. LI Wing Tung
  4. Mr. LAU Kin Man

IT Support Technician

(Computer Network + STEM)

Mr. LEUNG Yan Kin, Jason

IT Assistant

(AV Support + e-Learning)

Ms. WONG Wing Chi, Wing

IT Assistant

(Media Production)

Mr. Yu Shing Chi, John

Duty Allocation (2018/19)

2018-19 ICT Divsion of Work.pdf