A Parent's Guide To Special Education Services

(Including Procedural Rights and Safeguards)



The teachers, administrators, and staff of the Tri-Valley SELPA believe in the equal worth and dignity of all students and are committed to educate all students to their maximum potential. It is our mission to maximize learning for all students within an inclusive environment so that each student will contribute to and benefit from our diverse society.

This guide provides you with the information you need to understand the special education process. It explains your rights, the rights of your child, and how to exercise them under the Federal Individuals with Disabilities Education Act and the California Education Code.

The guide also serves as your notice of procedural safeguards required to be provided to you by Federal and State law. You will receive a copy once a school year and:

  • The first time your child is referred for a special education assessment or the first time you request an evaluation.

  • The first time you file a state complaint, request mediation only, or request a due process hearing in a school year.

  • Whenever a decision is made to take a disciplinary action that constitutes a change in placement.

  • When you revoke consent for the continued provision of special education and related services for your child.

  • When you ask for a copy.

Please refer to the Table of Contents to find the information that you need. We hope this guide will help you work with your school and the district to provide the most appropriate education for your child.


If after reading this guide you would like more information about special education or have further questions regarding your child's education, you may contact your child's teacher, the school principal, and/or your District's Special Education Administrator for assistance. Contact information is on the back cover. In addition, you may call: (925) 426-9144


The CAC, mandated by California law, is composed of parents, students, and adults with disabilities, teachers, other school personnel, representatives from other agencies, and persons concerned with the needs of individuals with disabilities. The CAC advises the district on the development of its Special Education Local Plan Area (SELPA) Local Plan. The CAC conducts meetings regularly. For information regarding meeting dates, please call (925) 426-9144.