Intervention Specialists

"Passionate educators working to reach and teach each child!"

IS Identity Deck


This Identity Deck highlights the unique parts of who we are, both personally and professionally!

Be together, not the same!



Alisal: Lisa Gunderson

Donlon: Erica Rich

Fairlands: Andrea Carstensen

Hearst: Nikki Seaberg

Lydiksen: Amanda Suraci

Mohr: Sharon Gitchell

Valley View: Kim Ritthaler

Vintage Hills: Julie Ripplinger

Walnut Grove: Andrea Withers


Hart: Cristina Wetklow and Nicole Langer

Harvest Park: Tessie Gonsalves and Danielle May

Pleasanton Middle School: Karen Cobbs and Chris Ragg

AVHS: TBD, Wendy Hush, Marisa Mejasich, Cy Ogle and Samantha Allen

Foothill: Jessica Bisagno, Brian Howard, Erin Moran, Natalie Nagle, and Cynthia Parr

Village: TBD