PMS Homework

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PUSD Homework Policy

Middle School Policy

  • As a guideline, homework should be assigned during the school week on a regular basis.
  • Total homework assignments should have an estimated completion time of 15 minutes per period per night.
  • Long-term projects should be included in this time frame.
  • Advanced courses and electives may require additional study/practice time.

Middle School Homework Guidelines:

· Grades 6th, 7th & 8th– no more than 15 minutes per class period Monday-Friday, on average because 8th grade English has 46 minutes of instruction compared with 92 minutes for 6th and 7th grade block, 8th grade English may require more than 15 minutes per night of homework.

· There may be times when reading assignments may extend beyond the minutes listed above.

· In order to coordinate due dates and balance the workload, teachers should meet on a regular basis to collaborate and be aware of homework, projects, assignments, and testing schedules in all curricular subject areas.

· Long-term assignments at the middle grades should be limited in number and duration. These assignments should include clear checkpoints to monitor progress toward completion.

· When assigning group projects, teachers should allow in-class collaboration time with specific tasks to be completed independently; however, these tasks should not require assistance from parents or costly materials.

· Though homework on long weekends, vacations, and holidays is discouraged, students should be encouraged to use this time for review, voluntary work, or completion of makeup assignments.

· Some elective classes such as, but not limited to, drama, speech and debate, music and athletics, may require additional practice opportunities.

PUSD Regulation 6154; (6-21-11)

Homework for Independent Study Contract

In the Pleasanton Unified School District, we believe it is imperative that your student attends school regularly. Lost classroom instructional time is difficult, if not impossible to replace. However, if you find that you need an extended absence of 5 or more school days during the school year, you should click in this link to request an Independent Study Contract.

PMS Study & Learning Assistance Hour

Pleasanton Middle School's after school Study Hour started on Monday, September 10th, in the

PMS Library from 3:15 PM - 4:15 PM.

Study Hour will be held Monday - Thursday each week. If you need a quiet place to work on assignments and receive assistance with questions you may have, please join us. Sign-Up information below.....

PMS Study & Learning Assistance Hour Sign-Up

Dear Parents & Guardians!

The 2018-2019 Study and Learning Assistance Hour has begun and it's off to a productive start!

In an attempt to 'go green,' permission slips for your student to attend our Study & Assistance Hour are attached to this email. Please read the permissions slips and have your student read it, as well. (You do not need to print out the permission slip and return it.)

Once you and your student have read the permission slips, please complete one of the forms below (provided in English, Spanish, Mandarin, and Korean). We hope to see your student(s) there!

~PMS Study & Learning Assistance Hour Team

If your student is to attend Study and Learning Assistance Hour,

a permission slip form MUST be completed in order for your student to attend.

Please click on the form below in your language