Students will work out all 5 school days, Monday- Friday. Live Online Class Meetups will take place two times a week with teacher/ classmates. Attendance and workout completion are needed for full points. Google Classroom will send out a google doc that students must complete once a week when all 5 workouts are completed. Students must complete this form and answer teacher driven questions by the end of school week. Remote workouts can vary, but also can be teacher assigned. Workouts should include flexibility, strength exercises, and cardiovascular endurance.

Email to

Specific workouts will be given throughout the week

Students can email me for approval to design their own workouts or if modifications are needed.

Check out your Clever account for recommended Workout Apps to download to your phone/ computer.

(Flipgrid, Google Drive, Map my Run, Map my Hike, Headspace)

Q will update student participation points weekly

Please email me at anytime for help and support!

Mix cardiovascular, muscle strength, and flexibility.