Welcome to the Pleasanton Pre-K page! We are thankful that you took the time to visit and explore our program that we take pride in. The Pre-K program strives to keep up-to-date on current research and techniques, as well as adjusting teaching strategies to best fit not only each individual student but the entire class as a whole. It is important that students are engaged in the learning process through play as well as academics that are developmentally appropriate for this age group. We want students to thrive and learn at their pace while being encourage the entire way until they reach their ah-ha moment where everything clicks and they are starting to understand and grasp new concepts as well as build upon prior knowledge. The program follows the Nebraska Early Childhood Guidelines, these guidelines are the foundation in which sets up the program for success and ensures that the students are receiving the best possible education necessary for success into Kindergarten.

What are the perks about having the Pre-K in the same building as the K-12 population?

  • Students are involved in all school activities and follow the school calendar

  • Meet future staff members as well as engage with older students

  • Be comfortable in the school setting prior to entering Kindergarten

  • Reduce the academic gap between Pre-K and Kindergarten

How will students learn and be engaged throughout the day?

*Calendar Time *Music/Movement

*Small Group Learning *Large Group

*Independent play (where we learn to get along with peers)


What will students learn throughout the year?

  • Students will learn how to write and identify their name, numbers, and letters

  • Learn how to count as well as identify colors and shapes

  • How to become independent and develop skills needed to thrive each day

  • Learn how to appropriately interact with peers

  • Solve social problems

  • Staff has weekly/monthly themes planned to engage students and further their knowledge outside of the basic concepts needed for Kindergarten

How will students be assessed throughout the year?

  • Students are accessed three times a year using the Teaching Strategies GOLD report, per state requirements.

  • Students are progress monitored two times a year prior to parent teacher conferences

Nebraska Early Childhood Guidelines:

*Social & Emotional Development *Approaches to Learning

*Health & Physical Development *Language & Literacy Development

*Mathematical *Science and Creative Arts.

The Pre-K program follows the Nebraska Department of Education Rule 11 for guidelines and regulations

Interested in having your child attend Pleasanton Pre-K Program? Click on the Pre-K mailing list link at the top of the page for more information.


  • Full Day Pre-K with scheduled Naptime

  • PK is in session Monday through Thursday 8:10am to 3:32pm Fridays 8:10am to 2:45p


  • Pleasanton Public Schools invites students of families to apply for the pre-K program. The program runs from August to May.

  • Child must be 4 years old on or before July 31st

  • Parent must apply online when registration is open

  • Parent must supply a copy of certified birth certificate

  • Children must be current on immunizations

Acceptance into the program is not guaranteed, Pleasanton Pre-K follows the guidelines provided from Nebraska Department of Education and follows acceptance protocol based on the Pleasanton Pre-K handbook

Program Information

  • The program runs 5 days a week (Monday-Friday)

  • The program only serves 4 & 5 year olds (20 students maximum enrollment per pre-k classroom)

  • Tuition for the program is $300 per month (Tuition may change depending on free/reduced lunch application)

  • Tuition payments will be due to Pleasanton Public School by the 10th of every month

  • Tuition checks for Pleasanton Pre-K should be made payable to Pleasanton Public Schools

  • Meal payments must be made separately from tuition

  • Pleasanton Pre-K Handbook