Welcome to the Prairie Lakes District!

The Prairie Lakes District Church of the Nazarene covers three states (Minnesota, North Dakota and South Dakota), two time zones, and one district. Our district is made up of about 80 churches representing many different cultures and geographic areas. 

We understand that the district is nothing more than the sum total of its local churches. The local church is where life happens. It is where the Good News is preached and people’s lives are changed. When the local church (which is people) reflects the love and passion of Jesus to its community, people find life. 

 The Prairie Lakes District exists to start new churches and to strengthen existing churches so that those who are apart from God can find life in Jesus Christ. It is our hope and desire that together, under the leadership of Jesus Christ, thousands of people will come to know Him and be transformed by His grace. Jesus came full of grace and truth and we hope to do the same.

Hopefully you can find what you need on our website. If you have any suggestions to help make it better, please feel free to let us know.

Because of Jesus,

Steve Hoffman, District Superintendent