We have a 1500 m2 plot, in which 250m2 are built offices, 750m2 warehouse with direct access to airport access and additional 750m2 destined to working area, parking and storage facilities. As well as load, unload, and storage methods for goods of all nature ( standard docks, rollers, trenches, calibrated scales, cooling and freezing chambers, specific areas for valuable, vulnerable cargo and dangerous goods, etc)

Strong room

Centurion from Chubbsafes provides protection against burglary, explosives, and drills. A comprehensive solution that can protect from burglary, explosives and drills. Centurion vaults from Chubbsafes is certified by ECB•S standards) for grades V to XII (Grade XIII for vault doors).


The HI-SCAN 145180-2is pro is a quick and effective inspection system designed for conducting rigorous air cargo screening.

This system features two 200kV X-ray generators, one of which is placed under the conveyor to provide excellent penetration, high-resolution images, and easy access to maintenance and service.

Cool dolly

The ultimate solution to guarantee the unbroken Cool Chain on the ramp, allowing to protect Pharma or Perishable goods from temperature deviations whilst being transported from the cargo warehouse to the aircraft and vice-versa.

Cool room

Centurion from Chubbsafes protects against burglary, explosives, and drills. A comprehensive solution that can protect from burglary, explosives, and drills. Centurion vaults from Chubbsafes are certified by ECB•S standards) for grades V to XII (Grade XIII for vault doors).

Belt loaders

Belt loaders are vehicles with conveyor belts for unloading and loading of baggage and cargo onto aircraft. A belt loader is positioned at the door sill of an aircraft hold (baggage compartment) during operation. Belt loaders are used for narrowbody aircraft, and the bulk hold of wide-body aircraft. Stowing baggage without containers is known as bulk loading.


Dollies for unit load device (ULD) and cargo pallets are standard sized flatbed trolley or platform, with many wheels, roller bars or ball bearings protruding above the top surface for easy loading and unloading of ULD and cargo pallets respectively.

Container Loaders

Airport ground crew must load and unload cargo quickly and efficiently to keep on the same rigorous schedules airlines strive to keep. Crews use container loaders, which have a platform that raises and a platform that descends, to help them with this task. Wheels underneath the cargo then move the pallets in and out of the aircraft.

Lavatory Trucks

These vehicles empty and refill lavatories that are located on aircraft. While in flight, waste is stored in tanks. In between flights, lavatory trucks remove the waste and refill the tanks with a liquid that is a combination of water and disinfectant. While some airports feature self-powered lavatory trucks, others only have carts that are pulled by tug.

Potable Water Trucks

A potable water truck provides an efficient way for crews to transport potable - or safe, drinkable - water to aircraft. After going through a filtration process, the water is stored on the vehicle, safe from the elements. The water truck features a pump that is used to move the water to the aircraft.

Pushback tractors

In aviation, pushback is an airport procedure during which an aircraft is pushed backwards away from its parking position, usually at an airport gate by external power. Pushbacks are carried out by special, low-profile vehicles called pushback tractors or tugs.


The tugs and tractors at an airport have several purposes and represent the essential part of ground support services. They are used to move all equipment that can not move itself. This includes bag carts, mobile air conditioning units, air starters, and lavatory carts.

Ground power units

A ground power unit is a vehicle capable of supplying power to aircraft parked on the ground. Ground power units may also be built into the jetway, making it even easier to supply electrical power to aircraft. Many aircraft require 28 V of direct current and 115 V 400 Hz of alternating current.

Airport Departure Operation