The virtual playground for children in hospitals

PlaygroundVR brings the playground to the hospital bed

PlaygroundVR is the virtual playground for children in hospitals where they can meet each other, talk and create their own games, together. They feel like they are back in the playground through Virtual Reality and forget the hospital environment for a while. Up to eight children can play simultaneously in the virtual playground. The children put the headset on and they can see each other through a virtual avatar in the environment.

All the children should be able to experience the feeling of playing outside, especially in the hospital.

PlaygroundVR improves the hospital experience

Our goal is to make the hospital experience for children more bearable and fun, with the goal to let them recover faster. Virtual Reality offers many opportunities for treatments as the distraction lead to less feelings of pain. It can for example be deployed during vaccinations, or as aid tool during treatments, resulting in less stress for the children. With PlaygroundVR we aim at 1) decreasing the stress-level, 2) stimulating creativity through play and 3) offering social connections. By bringing children together in the virtual environment they can connect with each other while not physically being together.

Especially during treatment it is vital for children to forget the hospital for a while and have meaningful interactions with other children.

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