Apprenticeship Sprints

Summer employment project empowering youth ages 15 to 19 to explore Orlando's emerging industries while getting paid!

by Playground City

In Summer 2018, Playground City is adding a new spin to an old idea! Apprenticeship Sprints will enable youth ages 17 to 24 the opportunity to explore multiple 21st Century careers while receiving mentorship, training toward professional certifications, and a real wage. This website provides up-to-date information about the design and implementation of this project so stay tuned!

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We Are Training "Swiss Army Knives"

The 21st Century economy demands workers who possess multiple abilities (like a Swiss Army Knife). Apprenticeship Sprints expose youth to a variety of real-world work experiences giving them an initial perspective on the skills and knowledge necessary for different 21st Century occupations.

What are Apprentice Sprints?

Quick, iterative apprenticeship experiences that expose learners to many different occupations within a short period of time. This enables learners to actively observe a variety of occupation scenarios and their relevant skills/competencies.

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VR Headgear

Each Apprentice will receive a Cardboard VR headset and YOUR logo will appear on each one!


Fresh Apprentice

Your logo will appear on healthy snack packs that will keep our apprentices energized and the polo-shirts that will have them looking fresh.


Learning Playlist

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Hackathon Project

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