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relevance, collaboration and experiences are the keywords of what I think and do - I am marketing consultant for new brand strategy, new work approaches and new retail experiences, author of the book beyond digital, university teacher and lego serious play facilitator.

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New Brand Strategy: Relevance

Relevance is replacing our old frequency model, thanks to the digital revolution. But many struggle to define what this relevance actually means for their brand, aside from a product relevance. This is why I have developed the Relevance Methodology which I present in my book Beyond Digital, teach in several schools and applied for many companies.


New Work: Collaboration

Better collaboration is urgently needed if we want to succeed with all the changes going on in organizations today, including the teams and the bosses! But often collaboration is not as easy to establish as we first think. This is why I have developed the Canvasation Lab which helps to drive effective and fun collaboration through setting frames, roles and rules plus individual canvases that start and guide a conversation.


New Retail: Experience

This area is a direct application of the relevance thinking. Retail experiences are the future of brick and mortar and the key necessity to stay successful vs. ecommerce. Digital tools and technologies can help us build those, still they face a lot of doubt in the industry. This is why I have conducted the study Digital Retail Vision. The learnings are presented in the book Brand Experience and lead to the vision and a framework that I apply for brands and retailers.


in short

If this is all too much text, check out this quick intro in my thinking of "relevance" and how it is connected to our thinking and working, and why sustainability is so important in there ...


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