I believe that our world needs more relevance, collaboration and great experiences - this is why I work as marketing consultant for new brand strategy, new work approaches and new retail experiences. In all three areas I invented a specific methodology to help companies in need, wrote books and white papers or conducted studies to verify and apply my learnings. I am also a university teacher and lego serious play facilitator.

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New Brand Strategy > Relevance

Relevance is replacing our old frequency model and many need help to define what this relevance actually is. This is why I have developed the Relevance Methodology which I present in my book Beyond Digital and which I teach in several schools and applied for many companies.


New Work > Collaboration

Collaboration will slowly replace our old hierarchy model and collaboration is sometimes not as easy to establish as we first think. This is why I have developed the Canvasation Lab which helps to drive effective and fun collaboration through individual canvases that start and guide a conversation.


New Retail > Experience

I am convinced that retail experiences are the future of brick and mortar vs. ecommerce. This is why I have conducted the study Digital Retail Vision. The learnings are presented in the book Brand Experience and I applied them for several retailers.


All questions and requests to kai@platschke.de, please.