STEM Projects

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Introduction video

Exploring what students are replicating

Step 0 - Bottle rockets

Introduction to the engine

Introduction to the project :

Using a alcohol mix, show students how the fuel works.

Slow motion : introduce students to the concept of Newtons third law.

(You can see the reactant firing out the back)

Step 1 - Which bottle ?

Which bottle is best

Students bring in their own bottle, and we experimentally look at which bottle is best

Students rate the bottle based on power, durability (does it melt) etc.

Step 2 - Which FUEL ?

Methane Vs Alcohol

After much debate, we decided that perhaps alcohol would be safer

As the methane rockets would probably blow our cars apart.

Step 3 - Which Nozzel ?

Devolping the perfect nozzel.

It was decided that the students wanted to be creative, in order to experiment.

Step 5 - Design

Looking at scaling up

Using mathematics.

Step 6 - Build

Using plaster of paris to build a supporting structure for the vaccum forming machine....

Step 7 - Building (negating the vaccum forming)


Vaccum forming was not really working so we decided to build with materials that we have

Step 8 - Testing