4 Metamorphic rocks



  • Blocks of dark and white chocolate
  • Aluminum foil and/or aluminum foil cupcake holders
  • Hot water and a container to hold it
  • A plastic knife or another simple scraping device
  • Grater

1. Scrape / grate some small shavings from your chocolate blocks.

2. Gather these scrapings onto a piece of aluminum foil and press down on them. You might fold the aluminum foil and then press on the chocolate shavings. You could even stand on enclosed foil packages.

3. Observe the joined-together bunch of chocolate scrapings in the foil, which is now similar to sedimentary rock.

5. use heat from hands, or use a hot water to create metamorphic rock

4. finally heat the chocolate to melt igneous


L – name some common metamorphic rocks

M – describe how metamorphic rocks form

H – relate parent rocks to metamorphic rocks