P5 - Electricity in the Home

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P5 - Electricity in the Home

RAG Foundation

RAG Higher

RAG Triple

KS4 -P5.1 - Alternating current

Compare a.c D.c

y2mate.com - the_current_war_official_trailer_1_2017_benedict_cumberbatch_tom_holland_biography_movie_hd_2FTxKFsWz60_360p.mp4

The AC DC War


AC slow mo

Reading Oscilloscope F

Reading Oscilloscope F ANS

Reading Oscilloscope H

Reading Oscilloscope H ANS


Demo :

  • Oscilloscope
  • Power supply AC/DC
  • AC/DC demo showing tarnsformers
  • Length of wire across front desk glowing to show energy loss.

Oscilloscope to show AC - plug into power supply to show difference in the AC current and the DC current going though the power lines



  • Use of High voltage
  • Use of hot wire

KS4 -P5.2 - Cables and plugs

Quiz Lesson Guide

The 3 pin plug.mp4

3 pin PLUG

Quiz followed by Practical

Using quiz teams first before teaching to build resiliance

copy answers down in books when going through the answers


Practical :


  • Mains cord
  • Plug kits
  • wire strippers

Students create plugs for testing (when i finally get around to making a "PAT" tester)



  • Sharp cutters / Wires

KS4 -P5.3 - Electrical power and potential difference

KS4 -P5.4- Electrical currents and energy

KS4 -P5.5 - Appliances and efficiency

KS4 -P5.6-Big Question

BQ Foundation

BQ Higher

BQ Triple