Changes in momentum (physics only) Changes in momentum (physics only)


When a force acts on an object that is moving, or able to move, a change in momentum occurs.

where mv = change in momentum


ie force equals the rate of change of momentum.

Students should be able to explain safety features such as: air bags, seat belts, gymnasium crash mats, cycle helmets and cushioned surfaces for playgrounds with reference to the concept of rate of change of momentum.

Students should be able to apply equations relating force, mass, velocity and acceleration to explain how the changes involved are inter-related.

WS 1.2 Use a variety of models such as representational, spatial, descriptive, computational and mathematical to solve problems, make predictions and to develop scientific explanations and understanding of familiar and unfamiliar facts.

WS 1.4 Explain everyday and technological applications of science; evaluate associated personal, social, economic and environmental implications; and make decisions based on the evaluation of evidence and arguments.

MS 3b Change the subject of an equation

MS 3c Substitute numerical values into algebraic equations using appropriate units for physical quantities

MS 3d Solve simple algebraic equations







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