Conservation of momentum Conservation of momentum


In a closed system, the total momentum before an event is equal to the total momentum after the event.

This is called conservation of momentum.

Students should be able to use the concept of momentum as a model to:

Students should be able to recall and apply this equation.

describe and explain examples of momentum in an event, such as a collision

(physics only) complete calculations involving an event, such as the collision of two objects.

AT 1 :Use of appropriate apparatus to make and record a range of measurements accurately, including length, area, mass, time, volume and temperature. Use of such measurements to determine densities of solid and liquid objects (links to A-level AT a and b).

AT2 Use of appropriate apparatus to measure and observe the effects of forces including the extension of springs (links to A-level AT a).

AT3 Use of appropriate apparatus and techniques for measuring motion, including determination of speed and rate of change of speed (acceleration/deceleration) (links to A-level AT a, b and d).







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