Factors affecting braking distance 1 Factors affecting braking distance


THE braking distance of a vehicle can be affected by adverse road and weather conditions and poor condition of the vehicle.

Adverse road conditions include wet or icy conditions. Poor condition of the vehicle is limited to the vehicle’s brakes or tyres.

Students should be able to:

  • explain the factors which affect the distance required for road transport vehicles to come to rest in emergencies, and the implications for safety
  • estimate how the distance required for road vehicles to stop in an emergency varies over a range of typical speeds.

MS 1c Use ratios, fractions and percentages

MS 1d Make estimates of the results of simple calculations

MS 2c Construct and interpret frequency tables and diagrams, bar charts and histograms

MS 2d ?

MS 2f Understand the terms mean, mode and median

MS 2h Make order of magnitude calculations

MS 3b Change the subject of an equation

MS 3c Substitute numerical values into algebraic equations using appropriate units for physical quantities







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