Contact and non-contact forces


Table for round robin

For practical


Honey bees in ultra slow motion.mp4

Starter video

Only to ask a quesiton about a bee flying west vector or scalar


A video of a bottle rocket

Used for plenary


Practical Contact and non-contact forces

Round Robin stations :

  • 1- paperclip on a thread (tension due to magnet)
  • 2- Something floating in a water tank
  • 3- A pendulum (tension)
  • 4- A mass on a spring
  • 5- Hover craft
  • 6- Paracute and weight
  • 7- Balloon and pieces of paper (static)
  • 8- Jumping wire (or foil) and magnet demo

For teaching :

  • 30 White boards, Pens
  • A rope (tug of war)
  • Rubbing alcohol for bottle rocket
  • Plastic bottle (cap with hole drilled in top)

Kahoot link


A force is a push or pull that acts on an object due to the interaction with another object. All forces between objects are either:

  • contact forces – the objects are physically touching
  • non-contact forces – the objects are physically separated.
  • Examples of contact forces include friction, air resistance, tension and normal contact force.
  • Examples of non-contact forces are gravitational force, electrostatic force and magnetic force.
  • Force is a vector quantity.
  • Students should be able to describe the interaction between pairs of objects which produce a force on each object. The forces to be represented as vectors.