Condensation polymerisation (HT only)


  • Condensation polymerisation involves monomers with two functional groups. When these types of monomers react they join together, usually losing small molecules such as water, and so the reactions are called condensation reactions.

The simplest polymers are produced from two different monomers with two of the same functional groups on each monomer.

For example: ethane diol

Students should be able to explain the basic principles of condensation polymerisation by reference to the functional groups in the monomers and the repeating units in the polymers.

WS 1.2 Use a variety of models such as representational, spatial, descriptive, computational and mathematical to solve problems, make predictions and to develop scientific explanations and understanding of familiar and unfamiliar facts.

MS 5b -Visualise and represent 2D and 3D forms including two dimensional representations of 3D objects