Amounts of substances in equations (HT only)


  • The masses of reactants and products can be calculated from balanced symbol equations.

Chemical equations can be interpreted in terms of moles. For example:

  • Mg + 2HCI MgCI2 + H2
  • shows that one mole of magnesium reacts with two moles of hydrochloric acid to produce one mole of magnesium chloride and one mole of hydrogen gas.

Students should be able to:

• calculate the masses of substances shown in a balanced symbol equation

calculate the masses of reactants and products from the balanced symbol equation and the mass of a given reactant or product

MS 1a - Recognise and use expressions in decimal form

MS 1c Use ratios, fractions and percentages

MS 3b Change the subject of an equation

MS 3c Substitute numerical values into algebraic equations using appropriate units for physical quantities